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Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster

and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you.

Random Assholes!
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Are you an asshole?
Are you Random?
Then this is the community for you!
This community is for anyone who thinks that they are random and an asshole.
If accepted you can bitch about anything or anyone, and do feel free to be random about it.
But before you can join, one must fill out this here survey, and please put an lj-cut titled, "I shall rule your underpants," just so i know you read this, and those who don't follow the lj-cut rule, must fix it or a mean message will be left, or i will kill you whatever comes first.
Also...be yourself.
And do what you want, those who are most creative at filling this survey out will most likely be accepted! XD

Basic Crap.

Sexual preference:


1) 10 favorite bands...

2) 10 favorite movies...

3) 5 favorite television shows...

4) 5 least favorite people...

5) 5 most favorite people...

6) What do you do most of the time?

7) In a long ass description, how much of an asshole are you?

8) In an uber long description, how random are you?

9) Are you a scenester? If so, which scene are you in?

10) What is your opinion about Paris Hilton? Marylin Manson? Girls? George Bush?

11) Hobos and Trees...How are they related?

12) Who is the one celebrity that really pisses you off? Why? What would you do to them if you could?

Finish the sentence.

!) Once upon a time...

@) One of these days i will...

#) Bitches and hos...

%) I'm a...

^) Shit...

please have at least 2 pictures of yourself... more would be better, but...meh.

Last but not least...

1) pie?

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
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