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Basic Crap.

Name: Natalie Wolf.
Location: Flint, MI.
Age: I'm seventeen.
Sex: Female.
Sexual preference: I am pretty sure I'm straight.


1) 10 favorite bands...
+ Rilo Kiley
+ Paloalto
+ Desaparecidos
+ Interpol
+ Wilco
+ Dredg
+ The Used
+ Ted Leo/Pharmacists
+ The Decemberists
+ The Postal Service

2) 10 favorite movies...
+ Trainspotting
+ Heavenly Creatures
+ The Dark Crystal
+ The Neverending Story
+ Hedwig and the Angry Inch
+ Moulin Rouge
+ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+ Butterfly Effect
+ But I'm a Cheerleader
+ South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut

3) 5 favorite television shows...
+ Anything on VH1
+ South Park
+ The Simpsons
+ Reno 911
+ Family Guy

4) 5 least favorite people...
+ Mrs. Aguirre
+ Wilson the Cat
+ Your mom
+ Shit sticks
+ Charmander

5) 5 most favorite people...
+ Anyone and everyone I hang out with
+ Nicole Kidman
+ Alan Cumming
+ Sean Bean
+ Mehmet

6) What do you do most of the time?
+ Most of the time, I'm out of the house with friends sitting around at Tom Z's drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. I drink a lot, and when I can, I smoke pot. For as boring as all this sounds, I have a really good time being out and about.

7) In a long ass description, how much of an asshole are you?
+ I am not an asshole at all. But, I'm a mod here so nah.

8) In an uber long description, how random are you?
+ Fuck that.

9) Are you a scenester? If so, which scene are you in?
+ I am the kind of scenester who could care less what scene people put them in.

10) What is your opinion about Paris Hilton? Marylin Manson? Girls? George Bush?
+ Paris Hilton is awesome.
+ Marilyn Manson is really smart and hot.
+ Girls are stupid.
+ George Bush is funny looking.

11) Hobos and Trees...How are they related?
+ Well, Hobos could either pee on a tree, or make a tree house and live in it.

12) Who is the one celebrity that really pisses you off? Why? What would you do to them if you could?
+ None of them really piss me off, but I'm going to say Nicole Kidman and then I would sex her up.

Finish the sentence.

!) Once upon a time... I was on the phone more than I slept.
@) One of these days i will... fuck a pirate.
#) Bitches and hos... are all me knows.
%) I'm a... 1-800-ass-fuck
^) Shit... water.

please have at least 2 pictures of yourself... more would be better, but...meh.
I'll fill this out later.

Last but not least...

1) pie?
+ I like pie.
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A definate yes dear!