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Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster [entries|friends|calendar]
Random Assholes!

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[16 Apr 2006|11:04pm]

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[09 Sep 2005|05:55pm]


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[19 Oct 2004|07:12am]
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[16 Oct 2004|04:07pm]

smiles suck.

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[16 Oct 2004|03:13pm]


so emo its beautiful.

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[19 Aug 2004|11:11am]


and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you. i like that. alot.

Whats it from?

Free Ipods
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bitch and moan... [15 Aug 2004|10:10pm]

i need to promote like a biotch!

i should go do that...
meh i'm lazy and have a constant headache
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make em say app na na na na [12 Aug 2004|02:45pm]

Basic Crap.

Name: bob
Sexual preference: boobs


1) 10 favorite bands...SOAD, MSI, beck, beatles, hendrix, marley, nirvana, shit water, bong head, stellar stems

2) 10 favorite movies... fight club, clockwork orange, run lola run, scarface, pulp fiction, kill bill, big trouble, alice in wonderland, good bad ugly

3) 5 favorite television shows...
twilight zone, sesime street, jackass, family guy, aqua teen hunger force
4) 5 least favorite people...bush, chaney, those other 3 dudes

5) 5 most favorite people...nader, chirtina, nat, liz, everybody else in the world is cool too except the hate people

6) What do you do most of the time?nothing i can ermember

7) In a long ass description, how much of an asshole are you?
sXe smoking and um cunt lick
8) In an uber long description, how random are you?
9) Are you a scenester? If so, which scene are you in?
scenester im in the new NIC scene
10) What is your opinion about Paris Hilton? Marylin Manson? Girls? George Bush? hot, not, boobs, stupid

11) Hobos and Trees...How are they related?
well hobos came from anartica where they dont have trees so whenb they migrated to america from france they were like wtf and become homeless
12) Who is the one celebrity that really pisses you off? Why? What would you do to them if you could? fuck em

Finish the sentence.

!) Once upon a time...thetre was a vagina flower

@) One of these days i will...eat a beached whale

#) Bitches and hos...where all are my bitches and hos...here we go here we go

%) I'm a... horny prarie dog

^) Shit...tastes like chocolate icecream

please have at least 2 pictures of yourself... more would be better, but...meh.

Last but not least...

1) pie? si senora
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[11 Aug 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I shall rule your underpants. What the..Collapse )

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[11 Aug 2004|08:31pm]

must make this pretty...
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